Understanding Your Local Recycling Program

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Managing Your Business's Scrap Metal

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When a business regularly produces large amounts of scrap metal, finding an effective solution for disposing of these materials can become a core part of the enterprise's logistics operations. For business leaders that may be new to addressing scrap metal disposal needs, there are some key factors that may help to make this process much easier.

Separate The Types Of Scrap Metal

If it is possible, you may want to make an effort to separate the different types of scrap metal that you are needing to have hauled away. This can be useful when you are disposing of multiple types of scrap metal as it will make it easier for the recycling or disposal service to separate these items. Additionally, there may be instances where you need to use multiple services due to the inability of one of these providers to process the type of metal that you are needing to have hauled away. This may also alert your business to potential inefficiencies due to the containers for some types of scrap metal filling more rapidly than they should.

Use Protective Gloves When Handling The Scrap Metal

Whenever you are handling scrap metal, you may want to invest in protective gloves. These will help to limit the risk of suffering deep cuts as a result of handling sharp pieces of scrap metal. This is particularly necessary when the scrap metal has suffered corrosion as this could lead to tetanus or other complications. When choosing protective gloves, make sure that they are rated for handling sharp metal or other items. Basic gloves may not be thick or durable enough to offer effective protection against cuts. Additionally, you may want to choose gloves that have a good grip. This can be useful when you are needing to move smooth pieces of metal that may otherwise be difficult for you to securely hold.

Take Advantage Of Recycling Options

Individuals will often assume that having these pieces of scrap metal hauled away to the landfill will be the easiest solution for disposing of them. However, there are many recycling services that will be able to dispose of your scrap metal in a far more environmentally friendly manner. These services will be able to provide pickup so that they can be as convenient as traditional garbage disposal services. Recycling services can be more strict in the types of metal that they are able to accept, and this will require you to confirm ahead of time that they can accept the scrap metal that your business produces.

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