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Do You Manage A Restaurant? Here Is Why You Should Recycle The Grease

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Grease is one of the crucial ingredients of the cooking process. Some cooking methods utilize a small amount of cooking oil, and people consume it with the food. Other methods, such as deep-frying, consume large sums of cooking oil, and often, it ends up down the drain. Pouring the grease down the drain creates severe plumbing problems that can take years to fix. 

Instead of throwing away a product that can be recycled, you should consider recycling it. Here are three reasons why you should think about grease recycling.

You Minimize Sewer Cleanup Costs

The commercial kitchen plumbing system is comprised of a grease trap, which captures small amounts of grease poured down the drain. However, the trap can only be effective up to a certain level. When you exceed this level, the grease starts solidifying inside the drainage and sewer pipes. Consequently, you will lose a lot of money trying to clean up and unclog the pipes. 

In some cases, the pipes might even acquire damage beyond repair, and you will have no choice but to repair them at your own cost. Recycling keeps the grease out of the drainage, which eliminates the costs.

You Create a Sustainable Environment

The other benefit that you get from recycling is that you contribute towards environmental sustainability. Most people do not realize that small decisions, such as recycling grease, reduce the amount of electricity lost to manufacturing processes and preserve the sources of the oil. When recycled, the grease is re-manufactured into gas and biodiesel. 

Taking the extra grease from your kitchen and giving it back to recyclers reduces the overall carbon footprint that you are making on the planet. The resulting fuel is also cheaper than the varieties manufactured from raw materials, which is good for the environment.

You Reduce Liabilities

One of the main reasons restaurant managers get into trouble with the health department is because of the restaurant's plumbing condition. If you are not careful with the cleanliness inside your commercial kitchen, the sewers clog, and the smell could start wafting back into the kitchen and other parts of the restaurant. 

The health department might give you a poor rating and other penalties that can be as heavy as shutting down your business. Recycling helps you avoid such complications.

It is advisable to get reliable help with the recycling process. When you trust experts to handle the used kitchen grease, you improve cleanliness around the cooking area, prolong the life of your plumbing and reduce your carbon footprint.