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4 Ways Connecticut Children Can Earn Extra Money For Summer Vacation

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As summer break approaches, children are probably already making plans of things they want to do. Instead of giving them money or paying for activities, the approaching summer break is a great time to teach them responsibility and have them earn a little cash on their own. If your child lives in the state of Connecticut, then there are four different ways that they can earn money for the approaching summer months. Each method can help them set goals, put a little work in, and feel proud when they receive the money. By giving your child these different options, they can pick the one they are most interested in and focus on that goal.

Can Collecting

One way children can build up quick cash in Connecticut is with can collecting. Connecticut is only one of eleven states that have can deposits on purchases of soda, water, and other beverages. This means that every can or bottle collected will be worth a nickel. It only takes twenty cans of bottles to reach a dollar. Along with collecting cans in your house, children can explore areas like parks or trails to find additional cans. When traveling with a parent, you also have the ability to walk along the sides of roads to try and find additional cans. It's best to collect a lot of cans and then cash them in all at once. This will help your child stay organized and have a large total to cash in at the end of the day. To make the process go quickly, you can bring all of the items to a recycling center. The cans can be counted and paid for using professional machines. Talk with your local recycling center or click here to investigate more.

Connecticut Water Conservation

If your home is a part of the Connecticut Water company, then your child can help earn $30 and conserve water at the same time. Through a special water conservation program, your child has the ability to help your home reduce water consumption by ten percent. By working hard with this challenge, you can pay your child the $30 based off the rebate that is applied to your account. There are multiple ways your child can help conserve water. This includes timers for showers, reducing the amount of toilet flushes, and brushing their teeth with the water off. By keeping track of daily water savings, you can reward your child with a dollar each day. After a month, they can earn the full $30 and continue to use the water-saving methods for your home.

Connecticut Antique Trails

Connecticut is known for flea markets and antique stores. Your child can get in on the mix by finding items to sell along the Connecticut antique trail. This trail includes a lot of antique shops that purchase valuable antiques. Your child can help build a collection by exploring your attic and other storage areas for unwanted items. Your child can also request items from other family members and family friends. Once they have enough items, you can take them along a trail to see how much money they can make. Some items may be more valuable than you expected and help you earn even more money.

Connecticut Contests for Children

At any given moment, there are a number of contests available for children in Connecticut. Many of these contests offer cash prizes that the children can use towards summer expenses. A number of these contests are hosted by Connecticut companies. For example, there is an annual roadway safety poster contest that children can enter. Winning prizes vary and are separated by age groups. There are also a number of writing contests available for children. These contests include a variety of writing like poems, essays, and fictional stories. By working hard at writing, a child can win and have some prize money to spend.

It's good to get started well ahead of summer vacation. This will help your child earn more money and have enough to last through the whole summer.