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Dealing With Recalled Airbags As A New Dealership Owner

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If you just opened a used vehicle dealership, you are most likely kept abreast about recalled components within each make and model of vehicle in the industry. This information needs to be scrutinized regularly so you do not try to sell a vehicle with a recall to an unassuming customer as this can lead to a potential lawsuit. If you find out a vehicle you are trying to sell has an airbag that has been recalled, using an airbag recycling service is an option. Here are some of the reasons why recycling an airbag is a beneficial option to your dealership.

Cost Effectiveness For Your Business

Calling a recycling service to start the process in disposing of the airbag in a proper manner can be cost-effective for your dealership. Since there are metal components attached to an airbag, they can be recycled as well. These pieces will be exchanged for monetary compensation at some recycling centers. 

The Ability To Do Your Part For The Planet

You will have the opportunity to boast about playing your part in helping the planet by not placing recyclable items inside of a landfill. You can call your dealership "environmentally friendly" and use this tag within your advertisements to help gain potential customers as a result. You will also feel good knowing you didn't dispose of something that could have been reused for another purpose, helping to keep landfills from having unnecessary items on their properties because of your well-doing.

Safety For Employees And Customers

Keeping a recalled airbag within your dealership can pose a risk to anyone who comes near it should it happen to deploy. If it had already been deployed, there may be remnants of chemicals upon the airbag. These are used to help an airbag inflate during an accident, and they can be equally harmful to those exposed to the material. Calling a recycling service to find out the proper protocol in the disposal of both deployed and non-deployed airbags is best.

In many cases, a recycling service will mail a container to the dealership for the airbag to be placed inside. The container will then be picked up by the recycling service so no one has contact with the contents. Participating in a recycling program will also ensure that the airbag does not get into the hands of another person who may put it inside of a vehicle to sell to an unsuspecting buyer.