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Why You Should Recycle Your Old Laptops And How To Do It

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If you use your laptop for watching movies, playing games, or using power-hungry software programs, then you probably buy new computers on a regular basis so you can have more power, more storage, and faster speed. You may have a collection of old laptops stacked on a shelf or in the back of your closet that you're not sure how to get rid of. Here's a look at what you can do to recycle your old laptops so you can keep them out of the landfill.

Why You Shouldn't Throw A Laptop In The Trash

There are good reasons for recycling a laptop rather than sending it to a landfill. For one, laptops contain heavy metals that contaminate the soil and leak into the groundwater supply. Also, the computer might still have a useful life for someone who only uses it to check email and do basic word processing. Even if the computer isn't working, it might be possible to refurbish it so it can be useful to another person at an affordable cost.

How To Recycle A Working Computer

If your laptop is still in good shape, but you just want something better and faster, then consider selling your old one. If you don't want the bother of selling it, give it to someone who could use it. You can place ads in various online sites that advertise items for sale or to give away in your area. You might even try selling the computer through a buy-back program sponsored by a major computer manufacturer. Although you won't get much money for it, you'll be able to keep it out of the landfill. Just be sure you wipe all your personal information off the laptop before you get rid of it.

How To Recycle Laptops That Are Broken Or Old

If you have a laptop that is so old it probably isn't worth giving away or if you have a newer one that's broken, you can probably find a local electronics store that does laptop recycling. You can also turn in laptops in working condition at these recycling centers. Broken computers may be refurbished and sold, and items that can't be saved are given to a recycling company that takes the equipment apart so metal pieces can be recycled and dangerous heavy metals are kept out of the landfill. Finding a place to drop off your old laptops is the easiest way to get rid of them since you don't have to worry about mailing them somewhere or finding someone who wants to buy or take the computer.

While it may seem like the easiest option is to toss your laptop into your garbage can to go to the dump, you should think about the cumulative effect dumping computer equipment has on the environment. Computer waste has become a big issue since the equipment has such a short lifespan. You will probably go through many laptops in your lifetime, so recycle them rather than throw them out to you protect the environment or help someone who might not be able to afford a brand-new laptop.