Understanding Your Local Recycling Program

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4 Reasons To Implement A Recycling Program For Your Company

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Recycling isn't a practice that you simply leave at home. You should also recycle at your business. Recycling in the workplace can afford all types of benefits in both the short and long term. If you aren't currently recycling in the workplace, now is the time to start. Discover some reasons why you should implement a recycling program for your business.

1. Community Partnership

Customers invite you into their community to provide them with services or goods. They do not invite companies in to hurt their local community. When you implement a recycling program, you send a message to the area that you care about the community and that you're doing your part to protect it. Once you begin your program, include information about your program on your social media site and signage around your building to let the community know that you're doing your part. 

2. Reduced Waste Collection Cost

Recycling can help reduce the amount of money you spend on your waste collection services. When you set up a separate area for your paper, glass, and aluminum materials, you automatically reduce the amount of waste that goes into your waste collection bins. The less waste in these bins, the less frequently you have to pay to have the waste removed, which saves you money in collection cost. Additionally, since many recyclable products can also be broken down, you can fit more of these materials in one container, which can also reduce your collection costs.  

3. Tax and Grant Options

In some areas, establishing a recycling program for your business is an excellent way to actually earn money for your company. Many governments provide businesses with tax incentives if they recycle. At the end of the tax year, you can use the incentive to reduce your tax load. Keep in mind, there are requirements for these programs that you will have to meet in terms of how much recycling you must perform to qualify. Some private organizations also offer grants for small businesses that recycle, that you can use to improve your business in other areas. 

4. Reduced Purchasing Costs

Getting in the mindset of recycling may be able to help you reduce your future purchasing cost. The main thing about recycling is that it changes the way you perceive waste. What was once trash, might now look like something that you can use again in the future. When your team looks at an item that they may have simply tossed in the trash before, they might now consider whether or not they can use the item again in the future. Additionally, with certain items, such as electronics, if you recycle them, you may be able to receive money in exchange for your equipment. 

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